As we always emphasize, our priority is to respond to your needs and constantly improve TAMBOO by introducing innovative, often non-standard solutions.

At the very beginning of our journey, the first problem we encountered was the tent’s instability and the fear that it would fold up during the children’s play. The issue of safety then became a priority for us and meeting your requirements – a huge challenge. Many hours of intensive work, a few more or less successful projects and a few moments of doubt, but we succeeded – we were the first company in Poland to patent a bracket. The first problem is over, now it should be easy – at least we thought so. But nothing good lasts forever.

After the bracket became popular, the next most frequently recurring remark among all the tipi tents available on the Polish market, started to appear 6-12 months after the purchase of the product. It was the natural property of wood – susceptibility to drying. Even despite careful seasoning, with the passage of time, the poles reduce their original volume. Before shipping each order, we carefully adjusted the poles to the aluminum sleeves, but even a slight change in the pole diameter dimension can make the fit not as tight, the set no longer stable and the fear of folding during play reappears. We decided to follow a similar strategy and make SAFETY a priority. Again, we started to think, look and test new solutions. After many attempts, we managed to find the perfect solution – THE SCREW-IN STICKS. The screwing mechanism of the poles eliminates the problem of drying of the wood and decreasing of the volume of the poles, thus guaranteeing a very precise and above all durable fit. This, in turn, ensures the stability of the pole system, making worries about the tent folding up a thing of the past.

Your little ones can now have even the craziest games in TAMBOO and you can enjoy a carefree moment of peace without any doubts or worries.