When ordering one of our TAMBOOs, everyone will have a „I want to plant a tree!” option. Once you click it and write down your children’s name, we’ll plant your tree with personalized tag with the name of your little one. When your tree will be planted, you’ll get an email with a photo of it and acknowledgements.

One of the most important elements necessary for producing our TAMBOOs is pine tree, that’s why we’ve decided to organize a campaign where we planted over 3 thousand trees of those kind.

We, as a company, but also as people, believe that taking small steps like these can improve the condition of our environment.

That’s why we decided to do this campaign – to give back to nature at least some part of what we’ve taken from it.

This isn’t the end of our project – we would like to make it a small tradition of ours. Tree planting will be happening every year at the begging of fall.

Destroying our environment is a very relevant problem and with your help, we’d like to help solving it.

Have you decided to plant a tree with us? Tag us on the picture of your TAMBOO with #lTAMBOOforest and help the forrest grow!