Step 1

Take out all the elements from the carton and prepare for assembly.

Step 2

Expand and iron the material. Despite thorough ironing of each tepee before shipping, it may crease slightly during the journey 🙂

Warning! If you iron the mat, use low temperature so that it does not lose its thickness.

Step 3

Match every pair of poles to the aluminum sleeves – thanks to the combined poles you can easily fold TAMBOO and it will not take up much space.

Step 4

After ironing, pull the tepee onto the poles. Start from the narrower side of the tent, inserting the poles into the four tunnels at the same time; gradually move the poles up until the fabric is completely pulled.

Step 5

From above, put the bracket on each of the four poles simultaneously. The wider you spread the poles, the deeper you will seat the bracket. Keep doing it until you feel resistance, and the upper, narrowest part of the tent becomes tense, forming a square.

Warning! To get the largest playing field, the poles should be spread across the width of the mat (1mx1m).

Step 6

Place a mat on the floor, and set tepee above it. Use straps to tie each corner of the mat to the poles.

Step 7

To facilitate entrance to the tepee, carefully and neatly tie its parts together.

Step 8

Delight in the joy of your child! 🙂